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Destiny Yarbrough is a native Atlantan and the daughter of Jerry and Sophia. She is happily married to her husband Wes and they are the proud parents of a truly blessed son, Spencer. After graduating high school, Destiny pursued a career in property management. Destiny also attended DeKalb Community College and later began serving in ministry where she received her discipleship and biblical studies while attending the Free Chapel Bible College. After bible college Destiny received some of her training at Life Center Ministries. Destiny is an ordained minister and a Leader in Ministry and she is passionate about helping people.


“After attending the Daughters of Deliverance and Hope 2015 conference I realized that there where areas that needed to be set free in me. Th atmosphere was just that full of the presence of God, there was no way of smothering the holy spirit he met me there as a daughter whom was in need of deliverance, as a women who needed to be set free and a leader in the community that was released to another prophetic level. I am looking forward to the next event.”

“To see all the women, whatever their contribution,hosts, volunteers,family, friends,speakers,members of the church where
the conference is held, people attending the conference, vendors…everybody…loving God and each other,being open to let
the Holy Spirit move….Makes me fall in love all over again with God and fall in love with HIS daughters. God spoke to my heart, just focus on what HE wants. I saw fellowship, fruits and gifts of Holy Spirit all operating, healing, healing minds, emotions, deep “inner hurts of heart” healed. Great comfort and peace has extended to me even days later, seeing, knowing, hearing everyone Be the daughters of our Victorious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Jesus paid for everything on the cross and His Finished Works showed up and showed off through HIS daughters, either or giving and or receiving. I got so happy, satisfied, so filled. To my surprise, I was even reminded in my heart my little grand daughter who had broke and sprain her foot can get extra help and healing from one of the vendor products. Another surprise,was reconnecting with a few people I had not seen in many years. How amazing, how wonderful! I highly recommend this conference to attend next year. Come and check it out…something great will happen to you!”

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